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Armed Forces Community Garden

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council with the Royal British Legion

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council in collaboration with the Royal British Legion built a community garden for the personnel and families of the armed forces in the area. The garden was designed and built with careful consideration of the very specific needs of PTSD sufferers and veterans who asked for a place to meet outdoors amongst nature, as well as ‘everyday’ users of the park. The garden has become a focus for remembrance and recovery, utilising the Royal British Legion’s ‘BattleBack’ principles.

Our judges said it was “excellent that landscape designers are thinking about the needs of people with PTSD and those who’ve participated in military action, and their families”, commenting how “great [it was] to hear the comments of the people who use the place”. Judges also noted how “impressed [they were] by the amount of people that celebrated the place”.

image credit: Solihull MBC