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Gramer Haor, Bangladesh

Co.Lab student project between Birmingham City University and Shahajala University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

Our first ever International Award is the Gramer Hoar project in Bangladesh for their outstanding project focused on grass-roots community engagement and impact in developing economies.

This project is a collaboration between BCU students of architecture, landscape architecture and interior architecture; students from Shahjala University of Science and Technology in Bangladesh, and villagers and officials in Bangladesh. It brings together a mix of perspectives and mutual learning to tackle social and environmental issues through community engagement and landscape design.

The judges said that they were “amazed at what they’ve done and the level of engagement”, adding that “it’s transformed the lives of these people and their attitudes towards the landscape and flooding, and it’s transformed the attitudes of the officials who are really taking notice of what they’re recommending”, with one judge saying that they were both “surprised and impressed.”