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Naturally Connected Communities


The RSPB have widened the scope of their work to engage directly with communities to help connect them with the natural world around them. The project works with young families, with primary age children (through a programme of teacher training), and with young people Not in Education Employment or Training in partnership with the Prince’s Trust. This project aims to improve people’s quality of life by engaging with nature directly, and to begin to equip them to become advocates for nature.

Our judges noted that this approach is “an opportunity to make a significant difference” and that through this new approach the RSPB are “already seeing the benefits of doing that”. One judge from the United States spoke about its similarity to a project in the Washington DC area that they knew of, commenting that it was “amazing to see how these kids responded and how excited they were” adding that here in the West Midlands “it’s a good project for bringing people in from different communities.”

image credit: Asma Farez & The Prince’s Trust