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West Midlands National Park Lab

Our ethos

Our ethos comprises 10 integrated principles/values which guide our work.

Developed from more than 30 years of academic research, these 10 principles are being adopted as inspiration and guidance for projects and organisations at the cutting edge of development and as a way to meet all of the UN SDGs.

© Kathryn Moore.

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  1. Putting quality of life, health and well-being, and the environment firmly at the top of every agenda.
  2. Seeing the bigger picture, spatially and conceptually.
  3. Truly collaborating across institutional boundaries and silos to achieve the bigger picture.
  4. Using the cultural, physical and environmental context and resources to improve civic life, health, well-being and prosperity.
  5. Creating strong connections between vision, strategy, policy and practice, financial and governance structures.
  6. Adopting new, long term and integrated financial and governance models and policies, framed by ESG, to deliver sustainable and thriving communities, job creation and skill delivery.
  7. Recognising the land as an invaluable infrastructure to address global challenges. Ensure all land is used productively, improve and reclaime existing or damaged physical, ecological and material/cultural resources to create sustainable futures.
  8. Employing expertise to re-imagine the landscape using geographical, local and traditional knowledge.
  9. Creating environmental and community resilience, building culture, identity, pride, confidence and sense of belonging, advocating for the WMNP approach.
  10. Inspiring communities to become engaged in the climate agenda, nature and other global challenges, focused on transformative action.