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West Midlands National Park Lab

HS2 Landscape Vision

This speculative proposal uses HS2 as the impetus and generator to resolve local and regional environmental problems, rather than compounding them. It sets out a radical agenda to improve quality of life, environmental and educational facilities and economic potential for residents, visitors, students and employees.

HS2LV reinvents the region, imagining a future where the Tame, Rae and Blythe valleys will be home to award-winning exemplars of zero-carbon development, with highly productive landscapes with strong economic and cultural relationships between Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry. It reimagines the landscape as a destination for ecological tourism, culinary expertise, the learning of traditional crafts, green industries and innovative agriculture.

The project, like all our work, is underpinned by a topographical structure made evident to give a greater sense of identity, orientation and pride.