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Paris to bring back swimming in Seine after 100 years

With a year to go to the Olympics, Paris is in the final phase of a historic clean-up which will soon see swimmers and divers back in the River Seine.

“Banned for a century because of the filthy water, city swimming is set to be one of the major legacies of the Games thanks to a €1.4bn (£1.2bn; $1.6bn) regeneration project universally hailed as a success. One of the main problems has been the 19th-Century “single system” drainage infrastructure, which unites household waste water from kitchens and toilets with run-off from rain on the street. In normal times this flows through a complex of under-street tunnels to treatment centres in the outskirts. However when there is heavy rain, the system is saturated and the excess has to be drained into the Seine.”

Original article: BBC